In S02, "If a buf type is initialized with a Unicode string value, the string 
is decomposed into Unicode codepoints,...If any other conversion is desired, it 
must be specified explicitly."

In S29, there is nothing about functions in Buf, and nothing about functions 
that convert or initialize Str.  Just where would this be, anyway?  The concept 
of "initialization" is not a strong concept distinct from assignment like in 
C++.  Any relationship between using the class name as a typecast, or defined 
assignment operators, is not specified (unless I overlooked it in a Snn I've 
not studied in detail yet).

Anyway, I expect to see a function using Buf as a list operator that takes a 
Str, or an assignment operator with similar parameters, that also takes named 
parameters as conversion and error options.

In whatever form, is anyone working on the definition of these functions?  
That's something I might work on, having been bothered by issues with existing 
conversion functions.

In any case, would an example look something like this:
   my Buf $buf = $str :size(32) :precomposed :err(\&callme);
where the adjectives are applied as arguments to the assignment operator?

Or would it require calling  Or is there a pre-defined relationship to 
the arguments taken by .new and the assignment?


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