I take that as encouragement, and confirmation that this is the right place to post (and archive) my musings. HOPEFULLY I can get questions answered too.

I credit the success of C++, in part, to Stroustrup's personal training of the first gurus. He would explain things that made me see the underlying principles, and "the way" of C++. Eventually I was given early drafts of the 2.0 spec, and I had a talent for spotting inconsistencies in the technical docs. My commentary and feedback contributed to the eventual published ARM, and the first year of the ANSI process.

Having done that before, I find the Perl 6 technical docs to be in relative disarray and imprecise. A sticking point such as the subscript question really bugs me and I have a hard time moving forward. An answer of "not sure; that section needs work" is fine, with or without "what do you propose?".

I'm on a sabbatical now, and learning Perl 6 is one of my priorities. I was hoping to accomplish more during my month in China, but had less down-time then feared. But I caught up to the current S\d\d files and started organizing my wetware.

I have other "musings" I've filed away, thinking it may clear up some as I integrate the other documents and discussions in the archives, and because I don't want to overload the discussion board.

So excuse my manic period; posting around the clock is due to jet lag. I hope my "fresh eyes" and analysis can make a contribution. But I don't want to re-invent something that is already done, so please steer me in the right direction when I'm NOT exploring the frontier but have merely missed the path.

(literally not sure if it was AM or PM; wife laughed when I asked for pancakes)

Larry Wall larry-at-wall.org |Perl 6| wrote:
On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 12:25:50PM -0500, John M. Dlugosz wrote:
Thank you so much for the reply. I was beginning to wonder if Perl 6 interest is dead, or if there is another secret lair for current enthusiasts that I'm unaware of.

Sorry, many of us have to live under budgetary constraints of time
and health and energy (not to mention money), and we'll need just
a bit more advance notice if we're to schedule our vacations and/or
manic periods to coincide with your current productive period.  :)

'Course, if you happen to know any billionaires who want to drop a wad
on our sorry society, I'm sure we can all figure out a few ways to use
money as a proxy for other forms of happiness...

Personally, my brain is rather occupied with a Hard Problem at my
$dayjob, not to mention thinking about Longest Token Matching and Taxes
and Family and Church, and all the Speeches I'll have to give in the
coming few months if the Doctors don't lock me up Somewhere Safe...

In general, however, I do eventually get around to thinking about
topics raised on this mailing list.  But I do not have an ADHD brain,
and switching topics is a high-overhead activity for me, so I prefer
to think about things when I have enough time to think about them
thorougly.  Long treatises particularly take a while to digest, so
to the extent that you have been splitting things up into separate
topics, I appreciate it greatly.  It also helps me keep track of
which bits I've responded to and which I haven't yet.

I admit that I also like to sit back and let other people pick the
low fruit so I don't have to spend time doing it.  Over the short
term, sometimes what I do looks an awful lot like doing nothing... :)


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