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Larry Wall larry-at-wall.org |Perl 6| wrote:
and think you've gotten anywhere, since you'd then have to rewrite it

    $foo.postcircumfix:<( )>.postcircumfix:<( )>.($bar)
$foo.postcircumfix:<( )>.postcircumfix:<( )>.postcircumfix:<( ) >.($bar)

Something has to recognize it as a special form.
You lost me. Why does it apply operator(), er, postcircumfix:<( )> multiple times on successive return results?

You've rewritten a method call... into a method call. Point being that treating postcircumfix tokens as method calls doesn't work when the postcircumfix token *indicates* a method call; that has to be primitive. Put another way, method call syntax is postcircumfix for lexing/syntax, but extending that to semantic analysis won't work.

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