Regarding targeted, earmarked funding - I have investigated the legalities,
tax implications, etc. of what is involved.  The result of my investigation
is that it is do-able within the construct of TPF.

The other question is one of creation of a technical platform for
implementing this.  There is a discussion within TPF of how we might
accomplish this, or how it might otherwise be accomplished.  For instance,
one member of TPF pointed out that already exists
and could provide the necessary infrastructure.  So if the goal is (and only
is) to connect Perl 6 developers with funding collected from various sources
piggybacking off of this site could be the easiest way.

My concern and the concern of TPF is maximum and best possible support of
Perl, including Perl 6, given our resource limitations.  I try to direct my
time to what can be best accomplished in that context.  This particular
matter has received considerable attention, but so have other matters in the
past 6 weeks as well.

It seems to me that you too are energetic in your support of Perl 6 and have
capability in this regard.  If there is a project that you think you can
devote attention to in such a way that the likelihood of success is
maximized while not incurring the trouble of having anyone else on the
critical path of the project plan then I would not want you to feel
encumbered by TPF or anyone else.  I think the main thing that TPF can offer
is a legal structure:  we have experience in meeting world-wide tax code
requirements (as various countries will look upon grants of this kind as
being income), and we have experience dealing with Things Going Wrong,
including legal council identified and retained, insurance policies, limited
liability of directors of the corporation, and similar.  These things are
important in Real Life and they are difficult and costly to replicate.

Something I would ask you to consider is that 1.5 months _is not_ a lot of
time, _especially_ for a volunteer organization.  If that isn't going to
work for you then I understand;  there's a lot to be said for individual
JDFI, which can be very efficient.  But it doesn't scale into certain
realms.  Maybe this is one of those realms, maybe it isn't.

The plan currently under discussion within TPF is the one written up by
Richard Hainsworth on March 11, with body beginning "Richard Dice covered
some crucial questions below."  I will email Karen Pauley, the new TPF
Steering Committee chair, with your email address.  If this matches the kind
of program you are interested in then maybe you could be the "implementation
volunteer" on the TPF version of the project?

 - Richard

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 8:25 PM, Conrad Schneiker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> **** Pleases direct follow-ups to just perl6-users. ****
> It's been about a month and a half since the first time that I
> brought up the topic of fundraising. So I want to find out what
> the prospects are of decisively resolving the earmarked funding
> issue within The Perl Foundation any time soon.
> Otherwise, I would like to take the initiative to set up a Parrot
> Platform Foundation specifically to handle earmarked grants for
> Rakudo, the Parrot VM, C6PAN, and any other Perl 6 projects of
> interest, such as SMOP. (I want to avoid using Perl in the
> Foundation's name, to avoid any confusion with TPF.)
> I know that others have differing strong opinions and grand
> visions on how they want things to be done. That fine.
> In the mean time, I want to pursue several more modest and
> presently-available opportunities for supporting Perl 6
> developers, which are presently falling through the cracks.
> You know what I want for Christmas. The clock is ticking.
> Best regards,
> Conrad Schneiker
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