Just so you don't think this is warnocked, I'm looking at it, and
thinking about it.  By and large it seems to be going the right
direction, though I've naturally got a number of quibbles.
Probably each quibble needs to be a separate thread though, since
many of them will probably breed discussion.

On a larger question, I'm wondering if it's time to slush/freeze
the Synopses as historical documents and put all spec effort into
the new form (presumably as a wiki that knows how to serialize into
a document).  I don't think we have the bandwidth to maintain multiple
standard documents.  Well, okay, *I* don't have the bandwidth...

You might need to teach some of us how to write in Standardese,
however.  :)

If we did set up a wiki, we could have some of the specific language
lawyering discussions attached to the specchunk in question, which
seems like a good idea to save wear and tear on our email clients,
and to prevent recurring FAQs.

We'll probably need to exercise a modicum of control over who gets
to revise the spec.  We also probably need to have a discussion of
whether the current section outline is optimal, and if not, whether
it needs fixing now or can be simply renegotiated via wiki.


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