It is not specified in the Synopses as I recall, but I believe that this is 
useful enough that it must be made to work:

   method bytes (Encoding :$encoding = .encoding)
   returns Int

or even

   method bytes (Encoding :$encoding = self!encoding)
   returns Int

That is, a named-only parameter, which may be used as an optional adverb or 
extra parameter to affect details of the function, should default to a pre-set 
value inside the instance.

If this is not allowed, the beginning of the method would always have to check 
for defaults.  That should be automatic.  And it documents the situation nicely 
in the signature, without further explanation that "if the parameter is not 

This means that the default arguments run inside the context of the method 
call, and can do anything that you would expect from their lexical position.


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