S06 "Temporization", along with 'temp' variables, defines a TEMP block.

Do we really need such a thing?  It appears to be a LEAVE block with another 
level of indirection.  Hmm, that is, the body of the TEMP block executes at its 
normal place at run-time, unlike the episodic blocks it resembles; the return 
value is appended to the LEAVE trait.

It seems difficult to generate a closure at run time (as opposed to just 
cloning one specified at compile time), so I wonder why you would need to do 

It also makes me think about traits on cloned closures or specific instances of 
routines.  But again, I don't think we really need to have individual instances 
of routines have their own traits distinct from the Routine object itself, 
since you can accomplish that using variables subject to cloning within the 
closure in the trait (e.g. the LEAVE trait).

In short, can we drop 
  TEMP {{ $next = $curr }}

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