Doug McNutt |Perl 6| wrote:
At 09:58 -0700 4/14/08, Larry Wall wrote:
By the way, you don't need to put parens around the arguments to X. It takes a 
list on either side.  We made it tall so that it would stand out visually 

   $a,$b,$c X $x,$y,$z

How long before some engineer or 3D graphic artist gets really frustrated when 
he doesn't get what he expects?

($a,$b,$c) X ($x,$y,$z) ---> ($b*$z - $c*$y, $c*$x - $a*$z, $a*$y - $b*$x)

use classic_vectors; # perhaps.

I think the ability to use mathematical vectors should be in a library. Perhaps more than one, with different aims.

So I'm more interested in making sure the core language supports writing such a library, that works with existing types and operators more seamlessly then in other languages, than about the actual semantics of a mathematical vector.

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