TSa Thomas.Sandlass-at-barco.com |Perl 6| wrote:
HaloO John,

interesting to note that you are now nailing down things that
I'm advocating for quite a while. Are you sure that Perlkind
is following? E.g. $Larry hasn't written 'isa' into S12 yet.

Regards, TSa.
I am listening. I'm synthesizing and documenting. I'm also disappointed with the lack of feedback from Larry, considering the amount of effort and time I'm putting into it. But I'm sure he'll squawk if I say something really off, rather than flesh out the existing skeleton.

"isa" as a synonym for "is" that turns on warnings is documented at the end of my paper under "Concepts discussed in this paper that are not on the Synopses". Nobody's objected to it. In this group, I'm preaching to the choir anyway. Everyone knows higher-order typing is the idea, and I'm just trying to work out the ramifications and details that are in-tune with the orthodox documentation and discussions here.


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