Sex, 2008-05-02 às 21:22 +0200, TSa escreveu:
> Or do you mean backwards in the sense that the priority is with the
> object somehow?

In fact, it simply means that it's up to that object's metaobject to
answer that, and not to a supra-meta-model to be able to answer to all
of the possible metamodel implementations.

> I understand that you implement Perl 6 with a fully OO system. But
> the "all objects are equal" doesn't work out. You need some Orwellians
> which are "more equal". The type-checker is one of these. Of course
> there can be more than one checker but in a scope there's exactly one
> in charge at any given point in time. Other Orwellians are the compiler,
> the namespace manager, the grammar engine, the dispatcher etc.

You can do that as "shortcuts" and "optimizations" that are indeed
needed in order to actually bootstrap the system, but that's not what
the type system is.


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