John M. Dlugosz wrote:
Perl 6 doesn't have references anymore, it has captures. So, what does the following mean:

@x = <foo bar>;
$a = [1, 2, [EMAIL PROTECTED];

I imagine that the 3rd element of the Array is itself an Array, and is the same object that is bound to @x. But captures are lazy context-sensitive beasts, so I wonder if there is more poised to go on than I want or care about in this example.

 say $a[2] === @x;     #gives True
 @x[1] = "baz";
 say $a[2][1];  #gives baz
Captures themselves are immutable, but the underlying data that they reference is not. Thus the laziness, or at least that's what I understand it to mean. I'm sure I read something along these lines in a synopsis, probably S02.


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