TSa wrote:
TSa wrote:

   class Length
       has Num $.mm is rw = 0;
       method inch
           yield $inch = $.mm * 25.4;
           self.mm = $inch / 25.4;

Would you regard that as elegant?

That looks functionally incorrect to my eyes: if the caller resumes at the time of the "yield" statement, and immediately assigns a new value to the "mm" attribute, then there is a race between the two updates to "mm".

Why two assignments? [cut]

The sequence I was thing of is:

my $obj = Length.new;
$obj.mm = 42;
say $obj.inch; # your "Length.inch" method yields
$obj.mm = 63;
say $obj.inch; # Length.inch to resumes, overwriting $obj.mm back to 42

It seems to me that the assignment within your "inch" method will occur *after* my assignment of "$obj.mm = 63"

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