Larry Wall |Perl 6| wrote:
>  As for
> marking each op individually, it might be possible if we add a
> whitespace dependency between "lt:lc" and "lt :lc", but 1 ..:by(2) 100
> is pretty ugly.
> Larry

So do they have to go at the end of the whole expression in the current grammar? I don't follow about the spaces. Do you write

    $a lt:lc $b le:lc $c


    $a lt :lc $b le :lc $c


    $a lt $b :lc le $c :lc


Making the default a contextual variable would allow the library to do it with no core syntax concerns:

    $+Str::compare = 'lc';
    # applies to rest of lexical scope
    if $a lt $b le $c ...


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