Author: larry
Date: Fri Aug  8 10:34:49 2008
New Revision: 14574


allow isolated ' and - in identifiers (only if followed by alpha)

Modified: doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod
--- doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod        (original)
+++ doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod        Fri Aug  8 10:34:49 2008
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
   Date: 10 Aug 2004
   Last Modified: 8 Aug 2008
   Number: 2
-  Version: 135
+  Version: 136
 This document summarizes Apocalypse 2, which covers small-scale
 lexical items and typological issues.  (These Synopses also contain
@@ -1589,7 +1589,8 @@
 An I<identifier> is composed of an alphabetic character followed by
 any sequence of alphanumeric characters.  The definitions of alphabetic
 and numeric include appropriate Unicode characters.  Underscore is
-always considered alphabetic.
+always considered alphabetic.  An identifier may also contain isolated
+apostrophes or hyphens provided the next character is alphabetic.
 A I<name> is anything that is a legal part of a variable name (not counting
 the sigil).  This includes

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