TSa Thomas.Sandlass-at-barco.com |Perl 6| wrote:
If such a ReturnCapture could also be
preliminary of some kind, then lvalue subs could be lazily resumed when
the rvalue comes in.
Can you elaborate on that?  I don't follow.

Also infix:</> needs a lazy item that is collapsed
into Int, Num or Rat depending on the constraint of the container it
ends up in eventually. An Any gets the Rat. Hmm, and a Str perhaps the
two constituting Ints as fraction put into lowest terms?
I don't think you need something that fancy. If / produces a Rat, then subsequent assignment coerces the value to a Num, you get the correct result because Rat is exact. Likewise converting to Int would give the same result as int division would have in the first place. And stringifying produces a Str.


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