On Saturday, 9. August 2008 04:41:46 John M. Dlugosz wrote:
> Is this magic known to the parser at a low level, or is it possible to
> define your own postcircumfix operators that interact with the
> interpretation of the argument?

My interpretation is that there is a Whatever type that
most of the time behaves like Int. So to handle it, you
define postcircumfix:<[ ]>:(Whatever $slice) or so. The
interesting question is what plain * returns because that
is destined to mean the full slice. IMHO, this should be
written ^*, which if the array becomes known becomes

> Is it possible to write:
>       @i = (1, 3, *-1);
>       say @data[$i];
> and get the same meaning as
>       say @data[1, 3, *-1]?

I hope so. The type of the slice is Seq[Int,Int,Whatever].

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