There are quite a few tests in the spectest suite that
make mention of "arrayref" and "hashref", and that expect
things to work like references do in Perl 5.  I'd like to
get some confirmation/clarification on them.

Here's one example:

    my $foo = [ 42 ];
    my $bar = { a => 23 };
    $foo[1] = $bar;
    $bar<b> = 24;

    say $foo[1]<b>;     #  "24" or undef ???

The test suite expects "24" to be output here, treating
treating C< $foo[1] > as a reference to the hash in
C<$bar>, such that any changes to C<$bar> are also reflected
in C<$foo[1]>.  Is this correct Perl 6?  I would somewhat expect
a reference to be instead handled using a statement like 

    $foo[1] := $bar;

Comments and clarifications appreciated.


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