On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 06:44:22PM -0500, John M. Dlugosz wrote:
> I'm trying to work out some details of this area, but I don't understand 
> what S04 is trying to say.  Could someone please point me in the right 
> direction?  I'd be happy to then edit the S04 to contribute.
> In S04, the "Exceptions" section mentions that $! contains multiple 
> exceptions.
>  So what type is it?  Why isn't it @! ?  I says that they are thrown as a
> single new exception.  So what type is that new exception?  A multi-exception 
> of
> some kind?

No, just the new exception, which merely has to contain the old
unhandled exceptions somehow in case the user wants more information.

> How do you get multiple pending exceptions in the first place?
> If you mean that exceptions can be thrown (and handled) within the handling of
> another exception, then the list should be more of a stack.  Should the 
> handler
> then see the topmost one as its topic?  If you really did make the whole list
> the topic then it would be difficult to match.

All I care is that we don't discard useful information here.  Only the
outermost exception needs to be directly matchable against via $!.

> How would you access the other exceptions in $!, presumably testing them for
> .defined etc.?

I would assume that the $! object can be accessed as an array in that
case, unless someone can argue for a different interface.

By the way, I'd like to see a user interface where the outer exception
is the one printed out in simple form, with the complete "cockpit
recorder" dump of information going into a file that is browser
accessible with a click on a link in the error message to "more info".


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