Recently, in November, we've had reason to clone the Rakudo
and add an implementation (viklund++) of is_deeply, for testing
whether two arrays, pairs or hashes are deeply -- recursively --
equivalent. The method does what you'd think it does, checks the types
of its parameters and recurses as necessary.

With the rich set of equality testing operators in Perl 6...


...and given constructs like [+] and <+>, it's actually a bit
surprising to me that testing whether [1, [2, 3]] and [1, [2, 4]] are
the deeply equivalent isn't more easily expressed than it is. (Or
maybe it is easy with current constructs, and I missed it? Can't rule
that out.)

Couldn't an adverb to one or more of the existing equality operators
do this nicely? Something like this:

say [1, [2, 3]] eqv [1, [2, 4]] :deeply;

// Carl

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