* Patrick R. Michaud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-09-15 02:25]:
> So, I'm wondering what happens in the string-to-number case if
> there happen to be characters within the angles that are not
> valid digits for the given radix.
> A similar question holds for calling radix converters as
> functions

Since the radix specifier/function feels is followed by some
variety of circumfix, it feels like an assertion that everything
within brackets is a single entity – unlike something undelimited
like `0b010ax`, say. So I’d expect it to be like however it is
that `say +'oops'` behaves, which is probably to say `0`.

Although it would be useful if this were an interesting kind of 0
that knows it came from a parse error (and maybe even which radix
was asserted).


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