According to the test suite (t/spec/S29-array/kv.t), the .kv
method is defined on arrays to produce an interleaved list
of indices and values:

    my @array = <a b c d>;
    say @array.kv.perl;     # [ 0, "a", 1, "b", 2, "c", 3, "d" ]

The kv.t file also shows a functional form of kv():

    my @array = <a b c d>;
    say kv(@array).perl;    # [ 0, "a", 1, "b", 2, "c", 3, "d" ]

Is the C<kv> function (keys, values, pairs, etc.) a named unary?  
I.e., what is the result of... ?

    my @array = <a b c d>;
    my @b = kv @array, <e f g>;
    say @b.perl;


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