Handling promotion (and demotion) between single and multi-precision integers is fairly easy. And once you have that doing it for rationals is basically free. Likewise promoting an Integer up to rational is trivial and vice versa. But promotion (or demotion) between IEEE floats and rationals is really hard and I don't know of a language that even tries. The major problem is that the demotion from rational to IEEE float is very lossy. In general, there are many possible distinct rationals that convert into the same IEEE value and converting IEEE float to the simplest rational out of that set is a very expensive operation.. Once you're in rationals you probably never want to demote back to IEEE (except possibly at the very end). Every language that supports rationals, that I know of, leaves it up to the programmer to decide whether they will be doing computations in IEEE float or rationals and do not try to automatically convert back and forth. I looked at thos and basically gave up when I was writing the perl 5 Bigint and Bigrat packages.

Before you discuss implementations, you should define exactly what rules you are going to use for promotion and demotion between the various types.

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