> -C<< infix:<where> >>, sequential junctional and operator
> +C<< infix:<also> >>, sequential junctional and operator
> -    EXPR where EXPR where EXPR ...
> +    EXPR also EXPR also EXPR ...
>  Can be used to construct ANDed patterns with the same semantics as
>  C<< infix:<&> >>, but with left-to-right evaluation guaranteed, for use
>  in guarded patterns:
> -    $target ~~ MyType where .mytest1 where .mytest2
> +    $target ~~ MyType also .mytest1 also .mytest2
>  This is useful when later tests might throw exceptions if earlier
>  tests don't pass.  This cannot be guaranteed by:

  All this, just to get the exceptions in the right order?

  Or is it supposed to be short-circuiting, too? :-)

  Okay, I actually don't recall how junctions + exceptions work, but
wouldn't it be nice if the docs for C<also> told us explicitly what
this example is supposed to achieve, and some idea of how?

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