I've been doing some work integrating Perl 6 into vim and now I'm trying to 
figure out how to run individual Perl 6 tests.  It appears that the incantation 
is along the lines of:

  perl t/harness --verbosity 1 t/01-sanity/02-counter.t

However, in digging further, I found this:

  perl t/harness --verbosity 1 t/02-test-pm/1-basic.t

That starts off with "Statement not terminated properly at line 87, near 
"(\"Hello Wo"" and goes downhill from there.

In fact, in reading through the Makefile, I don't see that this gets run unless 
you do 'make testtest' (added by particle back in Dec 2007).  This doesn't 
appear to be documented.  Is it supposed to be run?  Should those Perl 6 tests 
be valid?

Also, the way that t/00-parrot/06-op-inplace.t is written forces the test 
numbers to be out of sequence.  This causes "make test" to fail, even though 
it's merely a parse error.  The Test.pm module appears to work (I've only 
checked it superficially), so why not use that to make some of these tests a 
bit easier to write?  Are we trying to avoid loading modules while testing core 

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