Larry Wall wrote:
> eqv and === autothread just like any other comparisons.  If you really
> want to compare the contents of two junctions, you have to use the
> results of some magical .eigenmumble method to return the contents
> as a non-junction.  Possibly stringification will be sufficient, if
> it canonicalizes the output order.

Perhaps there should be a way of disabling the autothreading?
Something similar to the way that Lisp can take a block of code and
tag it as "do not execute at this time".  The idea is that there may
be some cases where one might want to look at a Junction as an object
in and of itself, rather than as a superposition of other objects; and
simply extracting its contents into a list or set won't always do,
since it might be Junction-specific details at which you want to look.
 And as long as Junctions autothread by default, I don't see them
losing any power.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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