Moritz Lenz wrote:
Andy Colson wrote:
(Sorry if this dbl-posts, sent it from the wrong account the first time)

Hi all, what's wrong with this code:

use v6;

sub multireturn($x, $y)
        my $a = $x * 2;
        my $b = $y * 2;
        return($a, $b);

my($a, $b) = multireturn(2, 3);

There's (nearly) nothing wrong with your code, only with the compiler ;-)

Rakudo doesn't support list assignment yet (that's where the error
message comes from), and doesn't support returning values either.

A workaround for now is to use arrays instead.

You mean like:

my @list = multireturn(2, 3);

That still doesn't work. But its not a big deal... I was just playing around trying to learn the language.

(The thing that's still wrong with your code is that you need a
whitespace after the 'my', otherwise my(...) should be parsed as a
function call).

OH! Good call, I'd forgotten about that. That's going to take some getting used to. I assume it'll error out and say "method my not found?"

Thanks all,


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