On Tue, 16 Dec 2008, Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:

On 2008 Dec 16, at 23:00, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
One thing I've been working on recently is a (Perl 5) object that models package metadata. In theory, it should be able to model the metadata from a .rpm, a .deb, a CPAN package, or whatever. Then you read the data using a "metadata input class", and write it using a "metadata output class". This would mean that eg. CPAN metadata could be turned into RPM metadata, but also vice versa. Debian would naturally be convertible into either of these.

The model isn't CPAN-specific, but relying on such a setup would save work for everyone.


You might want to look at "alien" first, to get an idea of what can be done --- and what can't.

        Good idea.  Just to clarify some things:
-       The package I'm talking about only models metadata; it doesn't worry
        about the rest of the stuff
-       My idea was to support all reasonable metadata (within reason, but I
        haven't yet run across anything I think unreasonable), and then emit
        warnings  when metadata isn't supported by a particular backend.


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