On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 02:32:00PM -0800, cory.spen...@gmail.com wrote:
: I've got a question regarding Ranges and in particular, infinite
: Ranges.  How should a range such as:
:   (0..Inf)
: or
:   (-Inf..0)
: be represented when it is converted to a string?  I believe that Pugs
: currently attempts to create a range of infinite length and provides
: no stringified value.  I'm unable to find a definitive answer in the
: Apocalypses and would appreciate any clarification!

There's no formal requirement for unambiguous consistency in
stringified values, only the need for clarity to a human viewer,
so I think in such cases it's reasonable to return whatever .perl
would return.  Arguably we could also put some kind of meta marker
on it to indicate that the value is indirectly represented, so maybe
"VAL(0..Inf)" or some such.  It's not like you'd see such values so
often that the extra indication of unusualness would be unwelcome.


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