> m...@edward:~/perl/6$ ./ap2
> @c: 3 elements: ["blue", "light", "hazard"]
> @c[0]: blue
> $c: 3 elements: ["blue", "light", "hazard"]
> $c[0]: blue
> m...@edward:~/perl/6$
> Is Rakudo's behaviour correct here?

S02 says:

"To get a Perlish representation of any object, use the .perl method. Like
the Data::Dumper module in Perl 5, the .perl method will put quotes around
strings, square brackets around list values,"

So according to this, Rakudo has it right.
But I think that a .perl()ification as ("blue", "light", "hayard",) would
make much more sense, because simple thing like

@a.push eval(@b.perl)

would then DWIM.


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