On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 06:37:26AM -0800, dev.null.box wrote:
: Hi...
: I´m used to test oneliners on the perl6 irc channel when i´m at
: home... But, at work, latetly i´m having lots of free time (this week
: has been sooo boring).
: But, i have irc blocked at my office (and yes, i´ve tried alternative
: ports for irc on freenode)... so, i wonder, is there is a website
: where i can paste perl6 code and test it against the current versions
: of rakudo and pugs and STD.pm?

If you can ssh, then you can run irssi on any outside machine where
you have an account.  Several people do this on feather.perl6.nl,
for instance.


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