Em Sáb, 2009-02-14 às 17:39 +1100, Timothy S. Nelson escreveu:
>       Hi.  I've been trying to help reorganise the draft S16, as I'm also in 
> the process of writing something roughly equivalent to Net::Cmd in Perl6.  I 
> have some questions.
>       First question, how do IO::Encoded and eg. IO::Encoded::Readable 
> relate to each other?  I'm assuming it's one of the following:

IO::Encoded::Readable does IO::Encoded does IO::Readable


IO::Encoded::Writeable does IO::Encoded does IO::Writeable

>       Either way, shouldn't the $.input_record_separator go on the Readable 
> role instead of the generic one?

It probably makes sense.


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