Hi all.  I'd like to suggest a slight reorganisation within the specs.

The first thing I've observed is that, in defining the IO stuff, and adding in the Tree and DateTime stuff, is that we're getting a lot of non-IO stuff in there.

I'm aware that the numbering and ordering of the specs is based on the chapters in the Camel book. It seems like a lot of this stuff that I'm working on would really belong under 32: Standard Modules. But there's a lot of this stuff, and, while the Camel book just gives an overview of each module, we want to specify the API.

I'm not suggesting here that we specify the interfaces to all the modules listed in the Camel book, or anything like that. Instead, I'm suggesting that the S32 space be used for documenting the objects that we don't seem to be able to get away from.

        My thought is that, at the moment, these are:
-       The function groups documented in S29
-       The IO, Tree, and DateTime stuff being drafted in S16

After looking through the Phlanx project (which lists 100 or so top perl modules), and the list in the Camel book, I can only see one or two other things we might eventually need, and these can be worried about later.

Anyway, my suggestion is that a folder called S32-standard-modules be created in the Spec directory, and that within this folder, the following files be created from the specified sources:
-       Tree.pod -- S16
-       DateTime.pod -- S16 (needs lots of work)
-       IO.pod -- S16
-       Most of the stuff from the S29 "Function Packages", in separate files

This would leave S29 free to be solely a list of the functions that do not need to have a package specified when called, and can in most cases simply specify what standard library functions they call.

It would also leave S16-IO free to deal with things that are not specific to the object(s).


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