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Agreed, and that's kinda what I'm doing. But I still think there's room for improvement. I'll try and design an API that does what DateTime does, but:
1.      Uses more variables, of which I expect the getters and setters to be

What does that mean?

2.      Documents in terms of operator overloading

I'm assuming that Perl 6 will make overloading saner. In Perl 5, it's a nasty hack.

3.      Depends a lot more on CLDR formats


4.      Doesn't have multiple functions that perform exactly the same thing

Also yes. I copied this from Time::Piece, for reasons that probably made sense at the time.

5. As a consequence of all of the above, has a lot fewer functions (while still providing all the same functionality).

Also good.

I've actually started on some DateTime stuff for Perl 6, sort of.

One thing I'd like to do is have Date, Time, and DateTime classes. There's a lot of people who _only_ need dates, and having to deal with time (and therefore time zones and other madness) is a useless conceptual burden.

I was also hoping to separate out leap second handling so that it was a layer on top of a simple TAI-based underpinning.

But really, I'd hate to see any of this be core. Date and time modules will need to be released regularly to keep up with things like locale updates, time zone changes, leap second announcements, etc.

It wasn't clear to me whether you were proposing putting this yet-to-be-named thing core, of course.


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