On Sun, 22 Feb 2009, Chris Dolan wrote:

Smack me down if this has already been discussed to death, please...

S16 (and now S28) say that $*DEFOUT, $*DEFIN and $*DEFERR are what most programs should use instead of $*OUT, $*IN and $*ERR. That seems anti-huffman to me, and I'll bet many programmers will use $*OUT when they should be using $*DEFOUT because the former is shorter and more obvious.

Perhaps instead the default handles should be $*OUT, $*IN and $*ERR while the standard handles should be $*STDOUT, $*STDIN and $*STDERR?

I wrote that in both cases, and I think I got it from elsewhere (maybe implied somewhere else in S16 before I tore it apart). I'm perfectly happy to change it, but I'd like a "yes" from Larry first :).

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