Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> What about...
>  if $x ~~ [..] $x ± $epsilon {...}
> That would mean that $x ± $epsilon in list context returned each value,
> where in scalar context returned a junction, so the reduction operator
> could do its job...

(I'm assuming that you meant something like "if $y ~~ [..] $x ±
$epsilon {...}", since matching a value to a range that's centered on
that value is tautological.)

Junctions should not return individual values in list context, since
it's possible for one or more of said values to _be_ lists.  That
said, I believe that it _is_ possible to ask a Junction to return a
set of its various values (note: set; not list).  Still, we're already
at a point where:

  if $y ~~ $x within $epsilon {...}

uses the same number of characters and is more legible.  _And_ doesn't
have any further complications to resolve.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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