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+ $* and $# have been deprecated half of forever and are gone.  $[
+ is a fossil that I suppose could turn into an evil pragma, if we
+ try to translate it at all.  (Frees up * twigil for $*FOO syntax.)

I'm not even sure this makes sense to me. Is this saying that $* and $# are
largely not in use anymore (in perl6)?

Read the section on "twigils" in S02. Hopefully things will make more sense after that. It says that $* is no longer a separate variable, but is used for $*OSNAME, $*VM, and the like.

The perl5 $*, $#, $[ have been deprecated for a long time, and are not in perl6 at all. (And I would strongly discourage any attempt to support $[ by pragma. But @Larry.grep: "allb...@ece.cmu.edu" is Failure :)

I'm in favour of retaining the $[ functionality, but lets give it some name like $*INDEX_BEGINNING or something like that, so that it's quite long for people to type :).


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