Author: wayland
Date: 2009-02-25 15:30:12 +0100 (Wed, 25 Feb 2009)
New Revision: 25555

S28: Added some more variables drawn from other documents, and added some notes 
confusing bits.  

Modified: docs/Perl6/Spec/S28-special-names.pod
--- docs/Perl6/Spec/S28-special-names.pod       2009-02-25 14:12:10 UTC (rev 
+++ docs/Perl6/Spec/S28-special-names.pod       2009-02-25 14:30:12 UTC (rev 
@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@
  %?CONFIG                  # configuration hash
  $=DATA                    # data block handle (=begin DATA ... =end)
  @=DATA                    # Same as above, but array
+ %?DEEPMAGIC         S13   # Controls the mappings of magical names to sub 
  $?DISTRO            S02   # Which OS distribution am I compiling under
  $*EGID                    # effective group id
  %*ENV                     # system environment variables
@@ -84,7 +85,10 @@
  $*IN                S16   # Standard input handle; is an IO object
  $*INC               S11   # where to search for user modules (but not std 
  $?LABEL                   # label of current block (XXX unnecessary?)
+ $?LANG              S02   # Which Perl parser should embedded closures parse 
+ $*LANG              S02   # LANG variable from %*ENV that defines what human 
language is used
  $?LINE                    # current line number in source file
+ %*META-ARGS         S19   # Meta-arguments
  $?MODULE                  # current module (as package object variable)
  %*OPTS              S19   # Options from command line
  %*OPT...            S19   # Options from command line to be passed down
@@ -105,6 +109,7 @@
  &?ROUTINE           S06   # current sub or method (itself)
  $?SCOPE             S02   # Current "my" scope (XXX unnecessary?)
  $*UID                     # system user id
+ $?USAGE             S06   # Default usage message generated at compile time
  $?VM                S02   # Which virtual machine am I compiling under
  $?XVM               S02   # Which virtual machine am I cross-compiling for
@@ -208,6 +213,11 @@
 XXX Don't remove this line until this section is completely blank.  
+We also seem to have $*INC in the table at the top, @*INC in S19 and the table 
+immediately above, %*INC also in the table above.  
+The $?LANG and $*LANG variables are also confusing (both in S02).  
 These go in the Perl5 to Perl6 conversion table:
@@ -239,7 +249,8 @@
 =head2 S15-unicode.pod
-${^ENCODING} and ${^UNICODE} variables
+${^ENCODING} variable -- S32/Str.pod implies this is $*ENC
+${^UNICODE} variable
 =head2 Infectious trait spec

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