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# Code has a .sig

        Seems (from what I can tell) to be synonymous with .signature, so I
standardised on .signature.

This leads me to another question - afaict we also have .arity on the
code object, but shouldn't that be method on the .signature instead? Do
we have any methods in Code that are not related to the signature?
# Block types have .next, .last, .redo and .leave on them. These are also
functions, and need to be specced as such.

Ah, that answers my previous question already ;-)

No it doesn't. Block and Code are different (see S02). But have a look over the S32/Callable.pod document, and you may find that you have an answer. Also, some of the things that I wasn't able to cope with on masak's list may be relevant here.

# .ACCEPTS and .REJECTS on most everything -- provided by the Pattern role.
Likely a mistake to put one under each section, though. Perhaps put one under
Object and put a reference to S03.

        What does Pattern?  Should we have Object does Pattern?

If everything does Pattern, I see no good reason to have a role at all -
just stuff the thing into Object.

Exactly, but I thought I'd better ask; I assumed it really went somewhere else, and I just hadn't understood.

# .match, .subst and .trans from S05.

        Now in S32/Str.pod.  But I wasn't sure what subst() returns.

The modified string. (It doesn't do in-place substitution by default).

        Spec modified.


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