Em Seg, 2009-03-02 às 17:04 +1100, Timothy S. Nelson escreveu:
>       Hi.  I note that we have $?OS, $?VM, and $?DISTRO (and their $* 
> counterparts).  I'd like to recommend that we eliminate $?OS, and replace it 
> with $?KERNEL (ie. Linux) and maybe $?ARCH (ie. i386).  Thoughts?

The usual way to handle this is by something called "arch triplet",  as
you can find out if you call

  gcc -dumpmachine

This triplet is formed by the "Instruction Set" (usually called CPU),
the "Platform" ("pc" for most people) and the "Operating
System" ("linux-gnu" in my case, while the "-gnu" specifies that you're
using the gnu libc). (gcc omits the "pc" part, usually).

So, I think the proper name to the variables would be

  $?ARCH and $*ARCH

Where they would stringify to the arch triplet, while providing
convenience methods for .cpu, .platform and .os.

But thinking about it, I wonder if we shouldn't have actually two
compile-time variables, which are HOST_ARCH and TARGET_ARCH so cross
compiling is possible, or at least make $?ARCH to mean TARGET_ARCH while
still providing $?HOST_ARCH, and since we're talking about compiling
Perl code, we should probably have $?HOST_PERL and $?TARGET_PERL as


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