Hi all. I've been hanging around on #perl6, and have heard a fairly regular complaint in the last few days. 3 or 4 people have turned up wanting to work on Rakudo, and not always been able to get the information that they wanted.

I promised to write a message to the list complaining about this, but before I did, the main developers recognised the problem and discussed on IRC the steps they're planning to take to fix it. As such, this is both a complaint message and an answer to it :).

The basic plan is to turn rakudo.org into a centralised rakudo info point. The plan is that all the information needed to be a developer will appear on it. If you want to help in the process, ask for some rakudo.org editing power on #perl6, and go to work on the docs. This new site is new enough that it's still very incomplete, but hopefully with a bit of teamwork, in a month or so we should have it to the point where it can help beginning developers.


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