On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 11:12:13AM +0000, Aaron Crane wrote:
: pugs-comm...@feather.perl6.nl writes:
: > Modified:
: >    docs/Perl6/Spec/S05-regex.pod
: > +The result object is available in the C<Match> object via a C<< .<?> >> 
: I think I understand the reasoning behind this change.
: However, using .<?> in particular says "boolean" to me.  How about
: .<*> instead, with its suggestion of "whatever the Match found"?

That was our original thought (well, the first thought after .{''}),
but the problem that worried me was that if the user mistypes it as
.{*} instead of .{'*'}, it parses and silently does the wrong thing.
So the key wants to be something that doesn't parse as a term like *
(or worse, give a probabalistically delayed parse error like /).
We looked at most of the keys on the keyboard...  :)

In the end, I picked .<?> because it looks fairly distinctive in normal
code, and kinda asks, "Well, what is it really?"  But it's not writ in
stone yet.


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