In the spectest suite (specifically in: t/spec/S32-array/kv.t), the last several tests seem to be testing for named arguments to kv:

    # check the non-invocant form with named arguments
    my @array = <a b c d>;
    my @kv = kv(:array(@array));
    #?rakudo skip 'named args'
    is(+...@kv, 8, 'kv(:array(@array)) returns the correct number of elems');
    #?rakudo skip 'named args'
    is(~...@kv, "0 a 1 b 2 c 3 d", 'kv(:array(@array)) has no inner list');

I've found no mention of named arguments to kv in the spec, so I'm wondering if these tests are out of date and should be removed...


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