Darren Duncan wrote:
> Jon Lang wrote:
>> Spitballing here: you drew an analogy to the feed operators.  I wonder
>> if that analogy could be taken further: use --> and <-- outside of
>> signatures as feed operators - but instead of feeding arrays back and
>> forth, have them feed capture objects and engage in some implicit
>> currying.  That is:
>>    foo <-- $capture
>>    $capture --> foo
>> would both be equivalent to:
>>    foo :assuming(|$capture)
>> ...or something to that effect.  So instead of composing a series of
>> functions by nesting them in each others' argument lists, you could do
>> so by chaining them together using --> or <--.
> That could be interesting.  But do you have an example use case or example
> code illustrating its use?

Perhaps something like:

    my $name = "jonathan";
    $name --> capitalize --> say;


    $y = acos 'degrees' <-- sin 'radians' <-- $x;

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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