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> Here's my latest suggestion:
> http://www.athenalab.com/Rakudo_logo_2.htm
> It combines Damian Conway's suggestions (please see below)
> and Ross Kendall's suggestions at
> (http://www.rakudo.org/some-rakudo-logo-ideas).
> For a smaller sized Rakudo logo,
> just remove the text between the proposed Perl 6 logo
> and the Parrot logo.
> The proposed Perl 6 logo is a coronene molecule
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronene).
> PS: Suggested {Perl6, Parrot, Parrot languages, and CXAN}
> ecosystem slogan: "brainware of the semantic web".

Forgot to mention that (per Larry's suggestions)
you could also regard the Perl 6 logo as a 
stylized flower, and you could round the 
outer corners a bit to soften the logo.

Best regards,

Conrad Schneiker

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