On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Nigel Hamilton wrote:

I like the "Camelia" it's colourful, fun - it even has an embedded, sideways 
reference to a

But IMHO there is a need for three logos:

        I'm not so sure

1. Combined Parrot + Rakudo
2. Rakudo

My understanding was that Rakudo only runs on top of Parrot. Either way, I don't see why we need a logo for Parrot + Rakudo, any more than we need separate logos for Perl on Linux and Perl on Windows.

Or, to look at it a different way, I thought the definition of Rakudo *is* that it's "Perl 6 on Parrot".

Additionally, while you recommended Camelia for Rakudo, my understanding was that Larry was recommending it for Perl 6 rather than Rakudo.

So, I guess I see a need for 3 logos as well, but one of them is already decided:
1.      Parrot needs and already has a logo (already decided)
2.      "Perl 6" needs a logo.  My current vote for this is for Camelia.  When
        I say "Perl 6" here, I'm including the specs, the test suite, STD.pm,
        and any Perl 6 implementations.
3.      Rakudo needs a logo.  My current vote would be for some combination of
        Camelia (or whatever we choose as the Perl6 logo) and the Parrot logo.

Maybe you're thinking the same thing as me, and using different words. Or maybe not. Anyway, I think something here needs clarification for at least one of us.


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