Em Qua, 2009-04-08 às 01:04 -0700, Darren Duncan escreveu:
> To recap, Muldis D is my new programming language part of whose purpose is to
> eventually succeed SQL as the query+DDL language of choice for relational 
> DBMSs,
> in the same manner that Perl 6 is intended to eventually supplant Perl 5.   
> (And
> yes, I am being pragmatic and realize it won't happen overnight.)  The design 
> of
> Muldis D is like a cross between SQL and Perl 6 and it should be easy to 
> learn.

Sorry for bitching, but...

What exactly is the problem you're trying to solve? I mean, what is so
bad about SQL? and how does Muldis D solves it?

Honestly, it feels weird to me that you propose a query as simple as 


turning itself into a function declaration, with a lot of boilerplate


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