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> If you haven't read the PDD, it's a good start.

<snip useful summary>

I get all that, really.  I still question the necessity of mapping
each grapheme to a single integer.  A single *value*, sure.
length($weird_grapheme) should always be 1, absolutely.  But why does
ord($weird_grapheme) have to be a *numeric* value?  If you convert to,
say, normalization form C and return a list of the scalar values so
obtained, that can be used in any context to reproduce the same
grapheme, with no worries about different processes coming up with
different assignments of arbitrary negative numbers to graphemes.

If you're doing arithmetic with the code points or scalar values of
characters, then the specific numbers would seem to matter.  I'm
looking for the use case where the fact that it's an integer matters
but the specific value doesn't.

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