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A few facts:

* A Scalar in item context returns its value;
* The dotty operator implies item context;
* A list in item context returns itself;


Exactly. but it would probably be more clear to state that "the name
'$x' in the lexpad is bound to a item container", binding is something
that happens to the variable as stored in the lexpad, so it's an
operation that happens in the lexpad, not in the container...
I think you're agreeing with me. True, by "$x" I meant the symbol as resolved to a particular scope. "lexpad" is not mentioned in the synopses. Behaviorally, the symbol table such as MY:: or some package appears to be a hash that associates the declared name with the container.

(that simplifying the point where the lexpad is also a container)
That I don't follow.

  %a<b> := 1;

is an operation in the hash itself, not in that specific cell of the


Nothing in S02, S03 or S06 suggests such a usage. := is used to alias a "name" The expression on the left does not name a variable, but is an expression.


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