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> Jon Lang dataweaver-at-gmail.com |Perl 6| wrote:
>> >From S09, under Junctions:
>> "The exact semantics of autothreading with respect to control
>> structures are subject to change over time; it is therefore erroneous
>> to pass junctions to any control construct that is not implemented via
>> as a normal single or multi dispatch. In particular, threading
>> junctions through conditionals correctly could involve continuations,
>> which are almost but not quite mandated in Perl 6.0.0."
>> What is a continuation?
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuation>
> Early on, Perl 6 discussion featured a lot on Continuations.  Now, I don't
> see it anywhere at all, and believe that the general form is not required,
> by design.  That is, "not mandated".  It's a computer science concept that
> generalizes *all* forms of flow control including exceptions, co-routines,
> etc.  The long-jump or exception is a more normal case of returning to
> something that is still in context, but imagine if you could go both ways:
>  bookmark something in the code, like making a closure but for the complete
> calling stack of activation complexes, and then jump back to it later.

OK; that's about as clear as mud.  But I think I've got a rough idea
about what you're talking about.  Next question: what does that have
to do with junctions?

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