In the hopes of helping the CPAN discussion move forward, in the direction of tangible work, I have made a wiki page with a proposal:


Please read the "Basics" section, which is quite short. The main point of this section is to divide the issue into three parts:

1) A package format.

2) A low-level install tool, analogous to rpm or dpkg, that converts the package (2) into a local package format (rpm, deb, ebuild).

3) A high-level install tool, analogous to yum or apt, that uses the CPAN network and resolves dependencies.

I have used the same numeric labels on the wiki. Tim N. is most interested in (2) and Mark O. is most interested in (3).

I propose that we work on (1) and (2) first and do (3) later. (3) is quite independent of (1) and (2). Mark might want to check that the package format includes enough meta-data to not conflict with is ideas.

If we can "mostly" agree on the package (1), we can move to (2). I think we can make quick progress with (2):

2.1 Start with a easy&ugly script using the alien and zip commands. Get the basic functionality down.

2.2 Gradually port Perl 5 modules (e.g. Software::Packager) and rewrite the script to remove dependency on shell commands.

Think of it as a boot-strapping method.

What do you think?


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